Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Release: V.A. - DECIKORE Vol. 1

Decikore RecordsというHardcoreレーベルのコンピレーションにHardcore Chiptuneで参加しました。詳細はまだ出ていない様ですが直にリリースされる筈&配布方式はオンライン販売になる筈です。


V.A. - DECIKORE Vol. 1
Decikore Records / DCKRCOMP001

01.S.O.T.U.I. feat Mc Flintheart - A whole new universe of sounds [Mainstream Hardcore]
02.Nekrosystem - Last Song [Terror]
03.James Bong - Magico [Hardtek]
04.Squall - Cyber Trip [Frenchcore]
05.Unrest - Human Error [Uptempo Hardcore]
06.The Mother Fucker - Energia Incontrolabile [Terror]
07.2GPS - Nanowig
08.Kainomed & The Crashbreaker - Rise of Gods [Crossbreed]
09.Apolion - E-245 (Naughty Kicks Remix) [Mainstream Hardcore]
10.Round Wave Crusher - H8 (To my lovely haters) [J-Frenchcore]
11.DJ FALCHiON - Junkie Junkie [Mainstream Hardcore]
12.Alex Escrivá - Psychoanalyzed [Mainstream Hardcore]
13.DRS - Snow White [Uptempo Hardcore]
14.pocotan - Fly with me [Mainstream Hardcore]
15.Kurwastyle Project Official vs Furere Lycanthrope - Sucker DJ [Melodic Speedcore]
16.Coakira - Screaming Mad Girl [J-Speedcore]
17.Striko -Destroy the Fury [Frenchcore]
18.Turtl3 - Colorado [Crossbreed]
19.Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou (撲殺少女工房) - Choose your weapon [Chiptune]
20.F!xx-It - Psychosocial [Frenchcore]
21.Maverick - Shut the fuck up [Frenchcore]
22.Nayami - Mechanical Cat [Crossbreed]

Release date : TBA
Catalog : DCKRCMP001
Artwork: SOTUIDesign

Guest composers:

2GPS (Attack the Music) Kainomed (Frenchbread Records)
The CrashbreakeR (Frenchbread Records)
DJ FALCHiON (Firmament Records)
DRS (Hardest Alliance)
pocotan (Login Records)
Kurwastyle Project (Kyokudocore Records)
Furere Lycanthrope (Kyokudocore Records)
Striko (Ultradance Corp)
Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou ~撲殺少女工房~ (MOB SQUAD TOKYO)
Nayami (A Nation of Distortion)

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